Joke of the day 25

Jokes, day, 25
On the highway, one of the bus drivers beeped to me. The bus came closer to the sidewalk, the driver opened the doors and asked me:
-Good morning! My name is Willis. And what is your name?
– Stutisheel.
– What is the race here?
I showed him my T-shirt with the 3100 miles written on it. It seemed that his mind wasn’t getting it.
– Why?
It was the time for me to think a little. All I could to say was:
– We are running for Harmony.
He asked:
– Who is the leader, the founder?
– Sri Chinmoy.
– Is he from India?
– Yes, from India.
– Well, then God bless!
And he took off . Americans are very sociable people.

One more story.
Yesterday, Volodya wanted to visit Kaushal, but there was a quite a line to see him. Shuprabha was there twice. So, Volodya got to see him only by 9 pm. Kaushal is a really good doctor. He has a huge collection of Vedic medicine, aromatic oils and so on. After his half-hour rest at Kaushal’s we run with Volodya and I ask him:
– How did you like it? What did he do with you?
Volodya answered:
– The impression is as though it had snowed.
– Oh, dear! Snow in midsummer! Have you smoked something?
– No, he just gave me something to sniff up.
After this Voloday was running around like a scalded cat. Kaushal even went out to the course and said: Do not hurry, do not hurry! You’ve got
to run for a long time!

2 Responses-Комментариев to “Joke of the day 25”

  1. katya)))))Odessa Says:

    вот,с пробега в Виннице вспомнилось.
    Разговор 2-ух дам.Одна другую спрашивает :”И чего эти люди здесь бегают целый день??!?”
    А та ей:”Ты что непонимаешь?Они песок высыпали на трассу ,вот бегают втоптывают.”

  2. katya)))))Odessa Says:

    Утром в день финиша,мы с подружкой присели на скамейке смеемся,отдыхаем.Мимо пробегают Рагешри и Кушоли.Рагешри смотрит на нас и говорит с нежностью:”Еще пару часов девочки,а потом мы придем с Кушоли и отнесем вас на финиш.”