Day 25, Kaushal

Day, 25, 6.30 pm
A few laps before, I paid a visit to Kaushal and he told me the secret why at every race I have difficulties during a full moon period. The matter is that today is the second day of the full moon. Yesterday, I ran quite well and today in the morning everything started well, but then it was getting harder and harder to run. Even to smile was difficult. I can not say that this day is totally ruined, but I began to feel worse and was all the time waiting for the evening when Kaushal would come. While he was examining me that half an hour, I absolutely forgot that it is my 25th day on the course. I was just in Heaven. He is so great!

It took him 5 minutes to understand that I had problems with renal functions, which is coming from full moon. My mother had weak kidneys. For sure, every full moon on the race is the most difficult time for me. Kaushal said it was not a big problem and he knew how to solve it. Then I had an aromatherapy session and pointillage. I was getting better right when he was working. He quickly fixed me up with  homeopathy and something more. So, he has a lot of secrets, and it is clear that he is a highly skilled specialist. When I was leaving him I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, I was already feeling well. Although I am getting fewer miles than previous days, I am running smoothly. Kaushal predicted some inspiring things about me during the second part of the race. I am not going to reveal them yet. I will write when it happens.
P.S. Volodya was right: snow is it or not, but after Kaushal treatment the pleasant coolness appeared inside the head, as if menthol was put there.

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