Day 34

34th day. 6.40 pm. Today I have received some letters which made me think. O, my God, what is happening here? People have been running for more than a month, are not dying, stay happy and look better and better. Indeed, what is going on here? How is it possible to run so long – more than 100 km every day?

I have told about it before. Maybe after the race I will share the bewilderment of the people who do not run 3100 and will also think that it is a fantastic, unreal thing to do and totally beyond human capacity.

But now, thank God, I am running. I am in the state of flow, and everything seems to be very natural and very easy. I would like to reveal something: when your mind really calms down and takes a backseat, the spiritual heart and the soul get unhindered access to manifest their power through the physical body. In our case, it is through legs. And really from inside it comes naturally, without efforts. When you have a fine day, everything seems quite usual. My 65 miles (106 km) a day are a regular ability. Five hours or less of sleep is enough for restoring and it is quite regular things. Several breaks for 15 minutes are enough to get rest. Then in your usual life you are puzzled – what is possible to be do in 15 minutes? As it happens, you can do very many things. For example, to sleep off and restore legs.

So, it’s the 34th day we have been on the course. Today is quite changeable weather. In the morning, it was hot and very humid. The temperature rose up to 30 degrees. Everybody was wet. Then humidity went away first, and after that the sun hid over the clouds. Now it is cloudy and quite cold. Most runners have a difficult day today. As Grahak put it, everybody is half dead. I said, “I am not dead. And what am I doing here? Am I running on the cemetery?” We all were laughing.

In fact, Grahak has got an infection. There is a big blister on his foot. Yesterday, when he came home, he decided to open it and faint for some time because of pain. And nevertheless, he is running, perhaps a little bit slower, but very stable. I am really proud of this team at the race. Recently Suprabha has done 1900 miles following Pavol. He outstrips her and runs quite sure. It means he will complete 3100.

Some words about Purna-Samarpan who is the last. Most likely he will not do all 3100 miles this year. But inwardly he has a good attitude. Currently we have walked together and remembered that no experience is given to us beyond the human capacity. If he has such an experience, then he is strong and can overpass them and become stronger. And he is intent to take part in the race next years and complete 3100!!!

2 Responses-Комментариев to “Day 34”

  1. sufiya Says:

    мне кажется то , что происходит на забеге, это чудо Бога, которое Он проявляет чере Вас.
    а объективации этого проявления и божественная энергия, как круги на воде, расходятся по всему миру :)

    Stutisheel Reply:

    Круги на воде… Красиво!