Day 41

41st day, 10pm. Today Purna-Samarpan dropped out of the race. Yesterday
he left for home earlier. When Pradan examined him, he said that he
believed it would be better to quit the race. This morning Purna
Samarpan came to the starting line together with all of us, walked a
few laps, but the pain in his spine came back and he took a decision.
He hasn’t given up though and is determined to participate next year.

Yesterday was a tough day. I published a post on my blog in the
morning, and then it was raining from 2 pm till night. It got really
tough in the evening. For the last 5 or 6 miles, I was not able to run,
so I just walked. Only due to the high speed during the day, I managed
to do 65 miles. But this morning when I checked results of the previous
day, I saw that it was tough for everybody. Only Asprihanal did 70
miles, the rest of runners didn’t get to this point. By the way,
Asprihanal, our firstborn, is going to finish very soon. He said that
if he did not surrender to ignorance, it would happen on Monday night.
He has been following the schedule of his fourth personal result now.
Then one by one others will finish too.

I had a nice day today. The weather indulges us amazingly this time.
It was 28-29C today, with a cool morning and evening. The only problem
I had somewhere between 3 and 4pm, closer to my first break time, was
an upset stomach. Probably I had eaten something incompatible with me
and had to slow down. But I have already bounced back and now I am
running well. So let me say, the day has been ok.

Volodya has a kind of strain in his tight.
Pradan fixed it with an elastic bandage. And after that Volodya got so
much attention and compassion from everybody around” Volodya! Looking
good! Keep going!”. He said if he has got such attention, maybe it
makes sense to tape the other leg. Volodya is trying to keep running
with his back straight. He is doing well.

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  1. sufiya Says:

    интересно, вчера у меня беговой день тоже был непростой. но я всё равно не сдамся, учусь у вас :)