Day 43

jow_387543d day. 7.30 am. 135 miles to go for Aprihanal before today’s start.
Definitely hе is going to finish tomorrow!
Yesterday was a very good day, pretty nice speed; I set a new record –
131 laps, 71.8 miles. I was surprised today when discovered that I was
a leader of the day. I feel wonderful, the speed is excellent, the
flight is going on!
Yesterday Suprabha had a tough day. Pradan failed to remove pain from
her spine and she walked for most of the day and had to even take
painkillers. She left earlier yesterday, but today she says that she
feels better, but needs a few more days to recover to her normal
In spite of physical pain, she smiles, cuts jokes and laughs
incredibly. It is just great to run with her.

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  1. sufiya Says:

    двойной полёт:)