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Day 10: You Just Smile. Utpal’s blog

September 14, 2021

“In general I think people like to smile. It is a gift that we can smile. Especially when things are going wrong. Then it is the best that we can smile.” Yesterday Ananda-Lahari ran 113 laps around the school. His day started well before dawn and I suspect that his hours of sleep were minimal. He got up showered and got on a bicycle and rode up a dark road and when he got to the race he parked that bike against a fence. To read more, please follow the link

Day 9: My Lifetime Dream. Utpal’s blog

September 13, 2021

Wei Ming tells me that he did not realize just how much the race would affect him. He says this after running another 100km day giving him an 8 day total of 524 miles. A very long distance for any runner. But when you do the quick arithmetic in your head, there is still a shocking distance left ahead, for not just him but also the other 6. To read more, please follow the link

Day 8: A Whole New Experience. Utpal’s blog

September 12, 2021

There may be times when Harita frowns, but I have not seen it. There may be times when she grumbles, but I have not heard it. And there may be times when she just might wish she was any other place than spending 18 hours each day running around Thomas Edison High school. But after observing her calm steady demeanor and unflagging cheerfulness over many years I doubt the third thing can even exist in her steadfast and cheerful commitment to running the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence race for the 3rd time. To read more, please follow the link

Day 7: We Are So Fortunate. Utpal’s blog

September 11, 2021

The full scripts of each of our lives are impossible to predict. Seldom if not not ever do we ever really know just what will happen next. The great scribe of life no doubt knows but it cannot be revealed to us until the moment passes and the page is turned. I had made an assumption that after a 5 years absence Stutisheel would unlikely ever run in the Self-Transcendence race again. I was wrong. To read more, please follow the link

Day 6: Every Day is Good. Utpal’s blog

September 10, 2021

As Takasumi describes the many years he dreamed, planned, and prepared himself to come to Sri Chinmoy 3100 mile Self-Transcendence race his clear bright face reveals the tremendous awe and respect he has to be one of the precious few to set off this year in this the longest race in the world. To read more, please follow the link

Day 5: To Be Happy. Utpal’s blog

September 9, 2021

Last year when the 3100 mile race was held in Salzburg, Andrea Marcato entered the longest distance race in the world for the first time. At age 38 the trajectory of his athletic career was in a clear path to collide with this event sooner rather than latter. He had for some time accumulating impressive numbers not only in his previous multi days but also his achievements as a swimmer and triathlete. To read more, please follow the link

Day 4: Self-Transcendence My Main Goal. Utpal’s blog

September 8, 2021

There are many many things which I will never understand. Explore even a fraction of Science’s ever expanding dimensions, grasp a dangling thread from the coat tails of sophisticated creativity and art, and then there is the very exclusive world of ultra athletics. One in which unique individuals explore the outer limitations of physical capacity and with tremendous effort and courage keep changing the definition of what is possible, for all of us. To read more, please follow the link

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