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July 11: A New Goal by Utpal

July 13, 2014
 “It is a point you achieve and then you go for a new goal.  The goal is ahead, far ahead.  It was something to celebrate and to smile for.  It was a nice achievement but I have something more to do.”

Yesterday Jayasalini achieved something historic for herself when she reached the half way point in the 3100 mile race.  A tremendous achievement since it was a longer distance over a greater period of time that she had ever run before. “Definitely it is a golden opportunity to feel the presence of God inside.  To feel that it is all around you and that everything is so pure and divine.  Some moments that you have here are hard to describe.  They are just so beautiful.  It is definitely a golden opportunity to please the higher part of you.  And you feel that this is the right thing to do.  At this very moment and you do your best.”


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July 10: Self-Transcendence is Eternal by Utpal

July 12, 2014
“In this race the weather is everything.  This morning was one of the best days we have had, with low humidity and absolutely everyone is flying around the course.  This is the 26th day of the race and we have had only 2 hot days and I wouldn’t even say they were hot.  I wouldn’t classify them as really hot since we haven’t reached 100.  Which we consider really hot weather.”

“We still have a long way to go but now is the time to really get some miles in.  Right now you can store some miles up and when the real hot weather comes you can back off.  And everyone seems to be doing that.” This was a little comment that Rupantar, the race director made this morning on the fly.


July 9: Every Experience by Utpal

July 11, 2014

In all the years the 3100 has been taking place here in New York it has never ceased to amaze, astound, and thrill, both athletes and the general public alike.  Words like impossible and unbelievable are regularly and futilely used to describe, in one hopeless fashion or another, just what it is that happens here every day for 52 continuous days. No matter what adjectives you pull out of the dictionary to describe what it is and what truly happens, they simply don’t work.  Or perhaps better expressed, they only tell a small portion of what the experience of the Self Transcendence 3100 is.


July 8: Food for the Soul by Utpal

July 10, 2014
  Each and every day the 14 runners at the 3100 mile race collectively accumulate on average  830 miles.  As of midnight last night, the end of day 23, when Pranjal was the last one to leave the course, the lights went out, and he pedaled home, they had run 19,105 miles.

Lots of things both big and small have to be perfectly in place, for this all to happen. Laps have to be counted, clothes have to be cleaned, and bodies have to be patched up, and coaxed and prodded to keep going.  All the little details and all the bits and pieces of an event like this are crucial.  Very little is left to chance. But certainly the most important thing the runners need besides strength, determination, and a cheerful spirit, is food.


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July 7: Surpass Ourselves by Utpal

July 10, 2014
There are lots of good reasons why we love to watch and play sports.  Humans have been engaging in competition from the moment we could throw a rock or kick a ball.  There is a natural instinct in all of us to challenge ourselves to be as good as we can be, and also from an inner view, becoming all that we are within.

Those who we think of as naturally gifted and abundantly talented are admired and often described as being superior athletes.  But to excel means mostly that they have practiced and trained and prepared to perform as well as they have.


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July 6: Experiencing First Hand by Utpal

July 8, 2014
  “Now I am experiencing first hand what the New York times calls the World’s toughest foot race.”

This morning I saw Tarit writing a story on his lap top.  He has been here since yesterday helping William.  A job that you might consider trivial, but it is one in fact which is far from simple and robotic. It is no small task setting out drinks, fine tuning supplements, checking shoes, and generally sorting out a lengthy list of errands for this great Scottish ultra distance runner.  But the most important part of it all is to be a friend.  To be kind, to be patient, to be supportive, and to anticipate just what you have to do to get William Sichel to 3100 miles.  And also grabbing hold of a world record or two along the way.


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July 5: No Place Like Here

July 7, 2014
  “There is no place else like here.” Ananda-Lahari has spent each of the past 10 summers of his life coming here.  Here to this little half mile block in Queens.  One which looks very much like thousands of others tucked unevenly in and around New York’s often untidy urban sprawl.


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