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June 16: Far Beyond (Utpal)

June 18, 2014

We really know so little about most of the runners who started out on this great adventure a little more than 24 hours ago.  At the very least we can read a few sentences in the bio section of the race program.  Most often we simply look up at the results board and take some small measure of their accomplishments, at least to that moment in time. Yet so much of who and what they are we do not know or can ever really appreciate.  As the race evolves we all gradually can catch glimpses of at least some of the pain and joy each is experiencing along the long hard way.  But so much about these runners remains enigmatic and sometimes a little unreachable.  Everyone is entitled to their privacy even if they are on public view for 18 hours a day.


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June 15: It Is Perfect by Utpal

June 16, 2014

It is perfect. It is perfect and yet our eyes alone cannot reveal this perfection to us. It is perfect and yet no matter how long and how hard we analyze, calculate, and attempt to measure what is here we will still never succeed in fully understanding. There are many things we sometimes call perfect.  Man made wonders of the world, magnificent monuments created by nature, and also those who have lived impeccable lives devoted to transforming the world, and have in some mysterious way have uplifted our own lives as well.  All things, places, people, and experiences that can help us transcend, above and  beyond where we currently find ourselves, can be perceived as being perfect to us. first-lap The rest of the post can be found here

June 14: Accept What Comes by Utpal

June 16, 2014

Sitting on a sunny bench on a warm spring New York afternoon I suddenly had a peculiar thought. I wondered to myself, “What do people look like who know that on the very next day they are going to be  sent off on a rocket into outer space?  That they are also aware that what lies in front of them is an extremely difficult journey, one that may last as long as 52 days. That in all that time in front of them they will also be removed, in almost in every way, from all the familiarity and all the comforts of their ordinary world as they know it”


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