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Day 14

June 25, 2011
Igor and Sarvagata are continuing to surprise us with their high mileage and their early signing off at night. Ashprihanal says that it’s the first time he’s seen newbies who do 70 miles a day and leave for home at 10.30pm. Sarvagata has been doing so for a few days in a row. Igor is restraining himself. Anyway, they are the fastest here. Ashprihanal is running more slowly than usual – he is recovering from a flu. Looks like the 3 of us (Surasa, Ashprihanal and me) who share the same car have got it, but in different forms. I am almost back to normal. Surasa’s voice is still raspy, and Ashprihanal had to take antibiotics. Purna-Samarpan, who has been walking slowly for the past 2 days, is taking antibiotics too. Only in the afternoon did he start running again. He says that during a break he had a dream that he was running. So he woke up and ran! Now he is cruising at quite a decent speed! I  am doing fine. Yesterday I did 63 miles. In the evening I felt acidity building up which I tried to lower. The day was chaotic and I ended up having fewer miles than I intended. When acidity skyrockets, feet grow heavy and it’s hard to move them. Tomorrow I will have to stay longer to catch up. Actually, everything is just fine. Stay tuned!!

Photos Day 13

June 24, 2011

Photos Day 12

June 23, 2011

There Is Some Purpose

June 23, 2011

22 June Author Utpal “It is very nice, I am already there, I am beyond.” For Sarvagata a new milestone will tumble by the wayside with each new step he takes as he continues to circle the course. He, like the other 2 new runners, up until today had never run in a race longer than 10 days. For each of them, going by the numbers at least, self transcendence will be an undeniable verifiable reality. Read more

Joke of the day 12

June 23, 2011

Every morning Rupantar picks up Ashprihanal from his house first. One day when a sleepy Ashprihanal came out  the house, Rupantar asked: Hi! How are you?. Ashprihanal gets into the car and only in 10 seconds answered: I am ok. You see? 10 seconds! Good reaction:) The funniest thing in this story is that now when Rupantar told him about it, Ashprihanal said he didn’t remember anything.

Day 12

June 23, 2011

Archived – click Post Title to view all. The 12th day of the race, 8.06 pm, June 23. Today’s weather is fine – since morning we have been swimming in a thick fog. A few times it started to rain, but not seriously, it has been cloudy all day long. And even now I am running in a long-sleeved shirt – the weather is a perfect fit. Not all of us are running . Ananda -Lahari speeded up yesterday, especially by the evening and finished with 67 miles. We all know his principle: if he runs fast at night, the next day he will walk. It’s peculiar that he himself doesn’t notice this regularity. Atmavir has also been walking all day long  and very slowly for this matter. In the morning he said that something was wrong with his stomach and as a result he would have fewer laps. Purna-Samarpan is also having a tough time. Many of us caught a cold on the first day of the race (because of low temperature). Most of us  have already recovered or their colds do not interfere with the running. Purna-Samarpan though couldn’t fall asleep last night because of cough and he looks sick. It’s 14 hours after the start and about half of the time he spent in the bed under the blanket. So, we are hitching our wagon to a star. All others are mincing, some are mincing fast, and some people are even flying. Our Ukrainian rocket, Igor Mudrik, is the one who is flying. Yesterday he asked me…

A Sweet Memory

June 23, 2011

Author: Utpal Everything always moves along so incredibly swiftly here at the Self Transcendence race. There rarely seems to be much time or opportunity to look back over your shoulder. If one did it too often you could easily trip over the present. It is challenging at the best of times to even just attempt to keep up with the relentless pace and rhythm of all the events taking place here, on this little half mile island of concrete. Read more

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