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To Make Progress

Augu 3, 2011

Author: Utpal 31 July Perhaps if one had the ability to truly listen then you could always somehow hear the sands of time as they slipped away forever. But how does one soberly comprehend this, when you are caught up in those precious moments of glorious celebration, such as when the race began here 50 days ago. Each day that followed a turbulent mix of hope and pain and yes, progress. Read more

The Way To The Goal

Augu 3, 2011

Author: Utpal 30 July At the end of its life the Phoenix bird would go to its nest, and once there, be consumed by flames. It is a mythological bird and its story seems to exist in many cultures with some variations. What is similar throughout all the variations of the tale is how, once it is reduced to ashes, it rises up again to take flight. It somehow lives again as it did before. Read more

Photos Day 52 – Happy birthday, Pradeep!

Augu 2, 2011

What You Are Meant To Do

Augu 2, 2011

Author:  Utpal 28 July One more runner will complete the 3100 today.  Unlike the previous 2 finishers who were first timers, Ashprihanal has crossed the line before.  Today in fact he will complete his 11th self transcendence race.  Not one for overstatement or bravado of any sort he says this morning simply, “I am very happy, very glad.  One more race for Guru.  So That’s good.”  Read more

День 51

Augu 1, 2011
Day 51, 9:17pm Atmavir has finished today (50days + 08:59:07). He was the fifth finisher at this race and this is his 5th finish in a row. After the finish he said that he would be running the next year too. Now we have one candidate. The day has been hot and sultry. When Rupantar brought us to the race in his car, he said, “Happy August first!” It a classical summer day in the USA. It did slow me down, but the finish is already looming large. I am the next to finish.Surasa has almost picked up her previous pace. In all estimates, she would need to do 103 laps to finish by Thursday night. Yesterday she did 100 laps. She says that today she’s been running much better. So, the dream fulfillment is within reach, Out of remaining 4 runners only Ananda-Lahari is not going to cover the whole distance, but he is determined to be walking until the very end. Looks like the crew won’t have a vacation until Thursday midnight.

Day 50

July 31, 2011

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Day 50. 7:49 am. About this time yesterday Pranjal finished the race at 48 days + 02:27:05. He is the most consistent runner of is all. He is the first to show up in the morning and the last to leave at night. He really did his best. It’s his 7th finish in a row! For 3 years now he’s also stuck to a project of running 2 miles every day. We’ll see him today running 2 miles on the course. After the finish, he did another 13 laps to have 5000 km and then left to recuperate. Alakananda saw him climbing the porch chairs. In reality he was crawling up. For us to ascend stairs is an ordeal, as there are no muscles left responsible for lifting feet. I thought that in this manner he had had to climb for many days. There are five of us still running. Surasa is picking up running too. Looks like her calf if healing and she is determined to finish before the cutoff on Thursday. Then the course will be closed for another year. I had a good day yesterday and did 61 miles. I am in good spirits running towards another finish. As we say, a runner is ready to finish when he’s learnt all the lessons. All my crises are over. I am enjoying the pre-finish euphoria. I feel that I am ready to finish. My speed is lower than in the first weeks of the race, so I have to cut my…

Another Dream Complete

July 31, 2011

Author: Utpal 29 July In most team sports whenever a player is injured or not doing well they can be benched or substituted with someone faster or stronger or simply better suited to face the game conditions. But in individual competition taking a break for long is never an option or a solution. For individual runners who are competing here ultimately they have only themselves. They are alone on this 3100 mile road and whenever and whatever the experience may be comes, it has to be felt, experienced, and endured by them alone. Read more

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