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День 45

July 26, 2011

Today at 7:38 pm Sarvagata crossed the 3100 finish line (44 days + 13:38:52). It’s the best time for the first-time finisher and the 5th best overall. This is also a new record for Ukraine and CIS. Somebody compared him to a running monk with a more of a monk component. Maybe it is so… Others are having a good day. It’s moderately hot. An hour after Sarvagata’s finish, we had a torrential rain. Igor is finishing tomorrow morning.

Happiness Has To Come

July 26, 2011

Do you remember how your mother used to wake you up on schooldays. My Mom had just that special kind of tone to her voice that I assume most mothers just naturally use with their children. It was a blend of affection, tireless support, and just the right hint of the much tougher parenting material. Every morning here for the past 40 days Rupantar has had a similar kind of tone to roust exhausted runners out of chairs and gradually get them shuffling towards the starting line. Today he was using some of the tough love talk that I have rarely heard him use before. Read more

Day 44

July 26, 2011
Day 44. 10:46pm. It’s been a good day. The weather has cooled down. In the afternoon we got some rain which lasted about 4 hours. Tomorrow Sarvagata will have another 60 miles to go before the finish. It will be the first one. Ashprihanal has been walking today which is unusual. When I caught up with him, he looked distressed. He says he’s lost motivation. It normally happens to him in the middle of the race. He’s had it this year too. But when something like this happens just before the finish… Everybody is getting their own lessons here. Ananda-Lahari was walking too. Later in the day Pradeep slowed down a bit. Yesterday he did an impressive 122 laps. Others, including myself had a good run yesterday. In the past few day we’ve received really nice letters of support. Some of them are so touching! We are so grateful to those who have been following the race and those who’ve sent us letters. Thank you for your oneness!

Photos Day 44

July 25, 2011

Photos Day 43

July 24, 2011

День 43

July 24, 2011

43 день пробега. Сегодня парило-парило, в обед прошел дождик и погода стала прохладнее – для бега просто идеально. Все бежали замечательно, разве что Ананда-Лахари традиционно ходил, Атмавир был медленнее чем обычно, да и Ашприханал под самый вечер решил пройтись. Я сделал 60 миль и очень счастлив. Под самый вечер пробежал 2500. А у лидеров начинается пора финишей: Сарвагата закончит бег во вторник. И понеслась!

Every Day A New Day

July 24, 2011

Author: Utpal 21 July Ashprihanl’s check engine light had to flicker on. He was pushing himself to a new record that day, having completed 24 straight days of 70 miles or more per day. With just a little more than 300 miles to go he could literally see the finish line in front of him. At his current pace it was now just a few days off. The footsteps of the young Ukranians had gradually drifted back to what had to be a comfortable distance behind him. He had to feel that on this his 11th year here he would not just have another victory but also a new personal best. Read more

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