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Photos Day 49

Augu 3, 2014

Stutisheel finished with PB in 48 days+3:57:19. This is his 8th finish in 10 tries. Photos are available here.

Stutisheel Finishes! Part 2

Augu 3, 2014

Stutisheel Finishes!

Augu 2, 2014

48 days +03:57:19

Day 49, Stutisheel

Augu 2, 2014

Photos Day 48

Augu 2, 2014

Photos are available here.

August 1: I Will Be Happy by Utpal

Augu 2, 2014
 Are you ahead of last year’s pace?

“Not yet.” “I want to transcend myself, so I have to run a little bit faster.” He has just 23 miles to run on this his last day of the race.  Vasu says he is doing this, because that is the name of the race, Self-Transcendence. “If the Supreme wants he can do it through me, and if not, I will be happy.” “I must run 10 laps to go and 4 hours to do it.  It is not too easy.”


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July 31: Inward to My Heart by Utpal

Augu 2, 2014

I make a joke with Yuri this morning.  He is running so fast and easy. So relaxed and comfortable it is almost as though he could not possibly have been here, doing this very hard thing for 46 straight days. Where are you going? I ask.


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