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July 21: Champions are All by Utpal

July 23, 2014

If this picture were to stand alone by itself I have no idea what the caption would read to accompany it.  For a photographer to see 3 smiling runners coming up the course towards you is a golden opportunity.  But as a fan of the race, there is a significance to this particular moment for me that just a couple of words cannot express.


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Photos Day 37

July 22, 2014

Photos from day 37 are available here.  


Day 38, Stutisheel

July 22, 2014

Day 38 at 3100 mile race 2014 from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

July 20: Something New to Achieve and Become by Utpal

July 22, 2014

“I had a lot of fun yesterday.  I wish all my days could be like that.  It wasn’t a struggle at all.  The whole day there was no problem with anything.”


Most days the runners struggle just to make their usual laps.  Pace and push themselves throughout the 18 hours they have on the course to get just a little bit closer to the 3100 miles.  After 35 days it is rare for there to be any surprises other than the kind no runner likes to receive.  The bad kind, injuries, sickness, and fatigue. Read the rest of the entry here:

July 19: Simplicity of Running by Utpal

July 22, 2014

In British distance running there are 2 names that stand out above all the rest.  Don Ritchie and Steve Jones each set records that have lasted for more than 30 years.  In some ways there was a similarity about their approach to the sport, even though the distances they each competed at were at the other ends of the spectrum. They both liked to run from the front, and simply run as fast as they could for as long as was possible.  For spectators it was a delight but sometimes for fellow competitors it was even better.  Let the man at the front do all the hard work and then slip across the finish line just in front.

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Photos Day 36

July 20, 2014

Photos from day 36 are available here.  

July 18: Impossible Until It’s Done by Utpal

July 20, 2014

He spent 27 years of his life in prison. It was such a harsh place that he was allowed to receive only one visitor per year. He grew up in a world that gave him few rights and precious little freedom. Yet when he emerged from prison he left his bitterness and despair behind him. He knew that if he were to continue to hate he would never be free. Instead he went forward to not only liberate his country South Africa, but also to become a shining example to the world as well.


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