Just Another Day

Author Utpal 16 July It is a much different place when the Sun slips away. The heavy chore the runners bear, never an easy one, certainly never finds much additional lightness in their steps, with the inevitable arrival of the dark night. For some it offers a cool reprieve from the heat of day and an anonymity when the shadows draw so close you can almost disappear. Invisible, but not for long, at least until you hear of course the hopeful call of the counters, who always cry out, “I got you.” Read more

Day 37

Day 37,9:13 pm. Looks like I am getting out of the crisis which was not only outer. I am feeling happier today. It means that the pace, and mileage, and everything will come along. The previous days were terrible, to say the least. Both on the inner and outer plane. I am happy it's over. Purna-Samarpan moved for a couple of hours and then stopped. His vein is swollen. He doesn't feel exhausted, but the vein thing prevents him even from walking. After a visit to Kaushal he went home. Todays he's got a day off. Others are trotting regardless of heat and humidity. All in all, it's been a good day.

Stay Cheerful

Author: Utpal 15 July When you are sitting comfortably back in your armchair it is actually pretty easy to claim to be some kind of expert on what is really happening at the 3100 mile race. You might even be able to convince others but convincing yourself is another matter. Read more

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