Day 15, pictures

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Day 14

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Day 14 is coming to a close. It’s 10:09 pm. I have 6,5 laps left. The day has been OK. AT times I felt waves of exhaustion especially towards evening, but somehow in the wave-like way, I ended up running. It was really hard to run after a 6pm break, but I managed to… I am happy that my daily mileage has been over 60 lately. I guess after the race is over, I’ll be marveling at how it is possible to run 100 km a day, to have 5 hours of sleep and to feel happy and absolutely alive. Now it doesn’t seem impossible, it seems very… natural. I realize all too well that it’s not about my physical stamina and running capacities. It’s about the flow and special energy circulating here. I am so happy to be a little receptive to it. Everybody is running surprisingly well today. Even Purna-Samarpan whose feet are getting better. He is a hard nut who doesn’t give up easily. He has completed 4 Ironman Triathlons. It’s no joke to swim for 3,5 km, then to ride a bike for 108 km and to finish with a marathon (42 km). The last time was his personal best – 12,5 hours. He was so exhausted that doctors had to give him sodium chloride injections. Pranab had to be disqualified for medical reasons. There’s nothing doing. Everything happens for a reason. Before the start, he was very nervous. Something must be going on. Volodya Balatsky seems to have been born at the 3,100-mile race: he feels so comfortable here and runs well. Today is the 25th anniversary…

Day 14, gallery

Day 14, Interview with Utpal

Interview with Utpal  Click the link to play audio file  This time Utpal is being interviewed by Stutisheel! :-) utpal-21

Day 13, gallery

Joke of the day 13

Yesterday Pranjal started seeing subtle worlds. Around midnight when he was falling asleep out of exhaustion he saw a gnome standing on the pavement. He was taken aback. We he ran closer, he found out it was a regular hydrant.

Day 13

The 13th day. It’s 3.10 pm.. I did 115 laps yesterday, although I was hoping to do 116. At the last moment I got some troubles with the left shin splint, so I decided not to push. It is still reminding me of itself, but I am ignoring this acquaintance by doing special warm-up exercises, applying ointments and doing visualization. Yesterday was the first hot day with temperatures over 30 C. By evening, fatigue started to accumulate in legs and I figured out that with such endurance challenges it was crucial that I maintain alkaline balance. In the afternoon I felt lactic acid forming. So I started drinking water with coral calcium and it did a lot of good. We had a rain today, now the sky is clear and it is becoming hot. There’s some not very inspiring news, too. Pranab is not allowed to run today. Rupantar, the race director, wants him to discontinue the race due to the worsening condition of his skin. We all really want to stay all together. But we’ll see. The life goes on.