Day 8

The day was preety good. But still a rainy weather. 4 times there was a pouring rain… I have been running steadily and i’ll have 60 miles today. Now I will walk 5 more laps, no energy in legs. I ate something wrong again. I have my own signs how to figure out what caused the symptoms on my legs. Either I have to do stretching and everything will be ok, either it’s time to eat or take a break. Now it seems I have to eat normally. But even after the dinner it didn’t get better. I even took a second break earlier. And after the third break around 9 pm I got a feeling I cannot even walk. But that’s ok, tomorrow everything will be all right.

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Day 7, gallery

Interwiew with Vladimir Balatsky

The first day I was extremely delighted that the first part had been done – I safely arrived at the start. I had had a very difficult time before the race as I got injured. And as soon as I started, I was happy that I was there and would be running this race. Also, I am happy that I am running with such people, in such a great team. When on the second day when I got shin splints, I stopped thinking about everything except gratitude. I was so grateful that in spite of the pain I still could run. I didn’t care if it was painful or not. I just wanted to have an opportunity to run.

In comparison with 10-day races, everything is quite different here. It’s difficult to put it into words. Probably, it’s deeper and more intense. I can not even speak any language now (Volodya speaks Slovak, Russian, English and German). I feel how deep the atmosphere here is. The air is full of Compassion from Above… Then feelings of peace, confidence and inner stability have come to me. I have no doubt: I am in the right place at the right time.

Day 7

It’s 8 am of the 7th day, Saturday, June, 20. The 2-mile race is going to start nearby. Usually, they run very fast and have a lot of energy, dynamism and enthusiasm. It’s so great to look at them and cheer them up. It’s 5.25 pm; we have already been on the race for 11 hours. At last my running style returned to me. I hope that some impression you can get from the video. So, everything is excellent today. Definitely, it will be another good day. And it’s going to get better all the time. Yesterday, on the sixth day, I did 60 miles and left the track at 11.30 pm. A few times tendonitis tried to come back, but everything went well. I feel better and better. So, everything is just super. I asked Suprabha if it is true that it is her last 3100 race. She answered that many people asked her about, and it was very strange, because all she said was that 13 is a great number. This is her 13th race and she is going to run more and more. We are very happy! (to view the video double click on it)

Day 6 gallery

Video, day 6

Pranab after 2 days off To watch video, please, double click on the picture.

Stutishil: Hello, how do you fell today?

Pranab: Rested.

S: Rested? Two days of rest?

P: Yes.

S: Is it enough?

P: Well, at least.

S: You seems happy.

P: What else to be…

S: Ok. Good luck.