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Joke of the day 12

June 23, 2011

Every morning Rupantar picks up Ashprihanal from his house first. One day when a sleepy Ashprihanal came out  the house, Rupantar asked: Hi! How are you?. Ashprihanal gets into the car and only in 10 seconds answered: I am ok. You see? 10 seconds! Good reaction:) The funniest thing in this story is that now when Rupantar told him about it, Ashprihanal said he didn’t remember anything.

Joke of the day 10

June 21, 2011

Ashprihanal confessed that he has a psychological issue which he calls a “speech defect”. For 11 years that he has been in the 3,100 race and 1.5 months of running every year he has developed  a habit to talk while moving. When he is in Helsinki, he often catch himself asking his friend to have a cup of coffee together passing by him. Only afterwards he realizes that he didn’t get the answer.

Joke of the day 8

June 19, 2011

Some atheists come to God. The apostle is reporting: “My Lord, two atheists have come to you”. God thought for a while and said: “ Tell them that I am not here”

Joke of the day 7

June 18, 2011

We were running with Igor and I was telling that almost a week of life on our great race is over. We have seen all the nuances. The only thing which we have not seen yet were fire engines riding with sirens and flashers. Such massive cars with loud sirens and the huge American flag behind. I was telling that firemen are heroes in the United States. And Igor says: «Yes, probably you have to be a very rich guy to by such a fire car.»

Ashprihanal Play

June 16, 2011

Play by Ashprihanal and Purna-Samarpan

– Какая мотивация в том, чтобы пробежать 3100 миль? – Морковка, которую всегда можно найти в пункте питания!

Joke of the day 3

June 14, 2011

Something happened to Pranjal . He’s got a red stain on the back of his T-shirt, must have stained it or something. And for sure many people are interested what the bullet wound he has got. At last when I asked him about it, he answered, “That’s it. I guess it’s really necessary to change the T-shirt, because even a policeman asked me: “Are you ok, sir? Aren’t you wounded?””

Joke of the day

June 13, 2011

The transition period for some of us is in its zenith. Ashprihanal overtakes me and asks (it seems that it is not very easy running for him now) – So how are you? – Well, trying to get through the transition phase. How are you? – The same. How do you think the newcomers can be running so quickly? – Do you mean the Ukrainian rocket (Igor Mudrik)? He is just young. We are already veterans.

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