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Joke of the day 44

July 27, 2009

I was caught in the rain, I tried to get shelter under a tree. Can you imagine: thunderstorm around, this tree is useless. And out of the blue, a car stopped behind me, through the opened window a hand gave me a plastic raincoat, – Take it, boy. Take it. I said, – Thank, you. But while I tried to figure out how to put it on, the rain was over and certainly I got soaked to the skin. People happen to be kind here.

Joke of the day 33

July 16, 2009

Shtirlits was walking along the forest. Somebody was pecking the wood. “Woodpecker”, thought Shtirlits. “You yourself are a woodpecker”, thought Borman.

Joke of the day 28

July 11, 2009

Ananda Lahari was running in a white sport suit, a white hat, and dark sunglasses. A Jeep beeps at him and pulls over. A woman appears from behind the window and shouts very emotionally,” Michael! Michael Jackson!” Ananda Lahari takes his glasses off and says, “Sorry”.

Joke of the day 25

July 8, 2009

Jokes, day, 25 On the highway, one of the bus drivers beeped to me. The bus came closer to the sidewalk, the driver opened the doors and asked me: -Good morning! My name is Willis. And what is your name? – Stutisheel. – What is the race here? I showed him my T-shirt with the 3100 miles written on it. It seemed that his mind wasn’t getting it. – Why? It was the time for me to think a little. All I could to say was: – We are running for Harmony. He asked: – Who is the leader, the founder? – Sri Chinmoy. – Is he from India? – Yes, from India. – Well, then God bless! And he took off . Americans are very sociable people. One more story. Yesterday, Volodya wanted to visit Kaushal, but there was a quite a line to see him. Shuprabha was there twice. So, Volodya got to see him only by 9 pm. Kaushal is a really good doctor. He has a huge collection of Vedic medicine, aromatic oils and so on. After his half-hour rest at Kaushal’s we run with Volodya and I ask him: – How did you like it? What did he do with you? Volodya answered: – The impression is as though it had snowed. – Oh, dear! Snow in midsummer! Have you smoked something? – No, he just gave me something to sniff up. After this Voloday was running around like a scalded cat. Kaushal even went out to the course and said: Do not hurry, do not hurry! You’ve got to run for a long time!

Joke of the day 24

July 7, 2009

A blind man with his seeing eye-dog comes in the store. Suddenly he takes the dog by its tail and swings around it above his head. A scared shopkeeper asks: “May I help you?” The man answers: “No, thanks. I am just looking around”.

Joke of the day 19

July 2, 2009

I’ve known this college worker for many years. Every morning we greet each other. Today when he asked How are you, I replied unusually – Running. After a pause, he emotionally said – Well that’s a good sign! You’re ok!

Joke of the day 16

June 29, 2009

Today I noticed that Asprihanal has bites on his legs and I asked what had happened. Asprihanal answered that some like Chinese food, others – Finish. These are my mosquitoes. I was surprised what they had found to bite, Asprihanal you are so thin! He replies: “They simply have no choice” :-)))

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