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Day 41 – joke

July 23, 2010

Of courseits all about GalyaWho else?… This night he was determined to sleep in bed and not on a chair or in the bathroom. So, after taking the shower he made it to his bed… to only find himself sitting on the bed at 4.40am. Curtain!

Humor on Day 35

July 17, 2010

I asked Galya at what time he had gone to sleep the previous night.

He said: “Shortly after 2am. I ran until 11:53pm (68,6 miles) and reached home at 00:15. I was hungry as usualFixed some sandwiches and a hot cereal. Then I took a shower and sat down… Guess at what time I became conscious again? Around 2 a.m. :) And realized that while doing the last laps I was thinking of coconut ice cream. So I decided to acton my cravings.  I had some ice cream and went to bed only at 2.30am. Thank God I made it to the start on time. So no regrets about the ice cream thing.

A funny picture from the day 20.

July 2, 2010

And while driving the toy’s ears move ;)

Day 8, Joke

June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010 As I said earlier, the evening of the 7th day was rather difficult. So, Volodya came home and the only thing he remembers was that he took a shower. Then he doesn’t remember anything. He woke up at 3 a.m. sitting on a chair in the kitchen with a piece of bread in his hand. And who dares to say that Volodya Balatskiy is not a true Ukrainian? J He is thinking of resorting to his last year experience and taking away all the chairs from the kitchen to have nothing to sit on.

Day 5

June 17, 2010

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Fifth day, 5:55 pm. All runners are moving forward, not too fast, but steadily and confidently. Today Asprihanal initiated me into the elite club of space cadets and he had two reasons for it. First of all, around 1 am my alarm started ringing for me to wake up and prepare for the new day of the race. And the second reason is that I indeed woke up and was about to leave for the race! The story started as follows: Yesterday Asprihanal left the course around 11 pm. I got back home where we live together at my usual time around 11:45 pm. He already was asleep. When I entered the room after having a shower, my alarm had been ringing for about 5 minutes. Asprihanal was tumbling in his bed. Later I realized that for some reason the clock had switched to the Ukrainian time and the alarm started ringing as if I were in Kiev. The second part of the story happened at 4 am. I do not know why, but I woke up and started getting ready for the race. I went to the bathroom, shaved, then I packed everything to take to the course and was about to leave. Suddenly I took a glance at my watch and realized that it was 4 am only! I was happy because it meant that I had one extra hour before I had to wake up. Of course,…

3d Day Joke

June 15, 2010

Surasa is running with a cabbage wrap around her ankle to cure her shin splints. She stops at a fence to do some stretching-up. Ashprihanal runs by and comments: – I wouldn’t advise you to do so much stretching – ?? – In this way you can attract rabbits. It would make it worse

Joke of the day 46

July 29, 2009

Funny stories. There is one “swami” here (we call him so) doing his everyday jogging. He always wears an orange T-shirt and orange shorts. He tries to compete with us! It is not normal. He runs in the same direction and he tries to leave us behind. Then another person came and began to compete too. So, I had to put things in their proper order. This “pedagogical” lap I ran for 4.32. My usual time for one lap is 7.30. They do not realize that we are already trained very well. Our training has lasted for 46 days from morning and till night. So they should not mess with us. It is dangerous :-))))

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