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July 26: Stay Positive (Utpal)

July 26, 2016
Kaneenika has been running for 89 days now on the course.  She has collected 5304 miles but has yet to reach her goal.
This of course makes little sense unless  you are familiar with her history here at the race from last year.  She gave of course a valiant effort over 52 days but came up in the final hour still 86 miles short of the distance.  An injury she received in a fall late in the race kept her back from being able to maintain her pace.

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July 25: We Are Learning Here (Utpal)

July 25, 2016
“Every day is a good day.”

I have unfortunately fallen into a bad habit.  Without much exception, as far as I can tell.  Nearly every day I ask each runner I interview whether or not it is a good day.

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July 24: Trying to Enjoy (Utpal)

July 24, 2016
If one needs any reminding that the results on the board are not the only thing that is important here at the 3100.  Than taking a closer look at Ashprihanal helps to illustrate just a little more clearly that numbers are just one small aspect of the true race.

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July 21: We Depend on Grace (Utpal’s blog)

July 21, 2016
 “I had a really good day yesterday.”

Atmavir did have a good day yesterday, and of course it didn’t hurt that it was also his 38th birthday.

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July 20: To Be More Inside (Utpal)

July 20, 2016
 I asked Surasa the question that I suspect many people have been wondering.  How are you?

“If you don’t ask about my legs than I am fine.”

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July 19: An Amazing Experience (Utpal’s blog)

July 19, 2016
“I am alive and happy.” Speaking with Yuri this morning he somehow makes what he has just done look deceptively easy.  Late yesterday evening he completed 2000 miles.  For the few who were there to witness it. Some bells were rung and he slowed for just a moment and then quickly kept going.  He still has a long long way to go.

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July 18: Step by Step (Utpal’s blog)

July 18, 2016

“This is the quietest area at least at night time.” Ananda-Lahari points his right hand towards a low brick wall where the Enthusiasm Awakeners sing each morning and also were Sri Chinmoy once used to come as well and practice his music. It is a typical Sunday afternoon at the 3100 mile race and for my ears it is raucous and loud and almost unbearable.  Just making one loop on a hot Sunday afternoon and you are constantly bombarded by hordes of people and volumes of sound. “There is always noise on Sunday.”

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