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July 17: Stay in Good Consciouness (Utpal’s blog)

July 17, 2016
“If the 3100 mile race is at one end of the race spectrum the 2 mile race is at the other end.  At the beginning.”

I spoke with Nirbhasa just after he finished running in the Self Transcendence 2 mile race on Saturday.  He was in the top 3 and so for his achievement he was presented a banana.  And as he said, the 2 mile race, which may take up to 18 minutes, can in any way compare to the 3100. A race that as of today has just completed 28 days.  The total distance covered by all the runners in that time is 19,427 miles.

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July 16. Vision of the Race (Utpal)

July 16, 2016
“Inwardly it is definitely a good morning.”

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July 15: A Simple Life to Be Perfect (Utpal)

July 15, 2016
 Today presented an unmistakable reckoning with just how hot and humid it can get during the 3100 mile race.  Not a record setting one to be sure but still the kind of day when doing anything outdoors is hard little alone trying to run 60 miles.

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July 13, My Capacity (Utpal)

July 13, 2016
Atmavir is running the 3100 mile race for the 9th time.  At the start of day 25 he has now completed 1659 miles and is now officially the race leader.  Which is not something he is all that much interested in.

What we observers should appreciate however is that the circumference of the earth is 24,900 miles.  A distance that Atmavir passed many days and miles ago.  He continues to move forward with a kind of grace, determination, and poise that is exceptional.  Particularly when you factor in that his reward for completing the race, if not in fact winning this year, will be something as intangible and yet still personally all consuming as inner satisfaction. Continue

July 12: Right Direction (Utpal’s blog)

July 12, 2016
“Amazing.  It is a happy day.  There is happiness everywhere.” “Sometimes there is more happiness and sometimes there is less.  But now there is happiness practically every day with me.”

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July 11, Utpal: Go On and On.

July 11, 2016
 “It is perfect weather.  Perfect temperature but there could be a few more clouds.”

Yesterday Ashprihanal finished up his 22nd day of running on the course.  Most will know of course that he has been here many times before.  That in fact this is the 14th time he has spent his summer running around Thomas Edison High school.


July 10: To Inspire Each Other (Utpal’s blog)

July 10, 2016
“Sometimes it seems to go slow and sometimes time seems to go fast.”

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