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Day 42

July 24, 2010

4 years ago at this day Madhupran Schwerk (Germany) finished the 3.100 mile race with a new world record of 41 days+08:16:29.  Then we also had a heat wave, the remaining runners hit a second  heat wave in a couple of days :) I remember Madhupran pleading with his helper to come on that day to the course. His helper was so exhausted that he refused to help Madhupran 8 hours before the finish. Madhupran himself was on the verge of a collapse – he stopped sweating (his body heating system broke down). Then he gave a solemn oath to never run ultra races again. In the end everybody transcended themselvs!!! Today is the toughest day 38C and a 100% humidity. But everybody is moving forward. Asprihanal has passed the 2,800 mile mark. His finish is expected in 4 days, on the morning of July 29. Later in the evening Galya will finish,too. The last days of the race are the toughest. So, make sure to drop the runners a line!

Photos day 42

July 24, 2010

I Am Happy That I Am Happy

July 24, 2010
Utpal’s blog from July 2, 2010 “Right now I am trying to get them and their shadow lined up.  There is a nice shadow that they are casting, and I am trying to get the runner and their shadow following them.  I am trying to get each runner before the angle of the light changes, and it won’t work any more.  It is changing quick. “ “In the morning, the runners are different you know. They are really open.  They tend to really have unguarded expressions.  They have honest looks on their faces.  It is definitely the best time.” For many years Jowan has been coming to the race at all hours of the day and night.  Read more

Day 41

July 23, 2010

A little after 2pm Asprihanal crossed the 2,700 mile split, later in the day at around 9.30pm Galya followed in his footsteps who is currently in the second place. Pranjal will cross the 2,700 mile mark tomorrow morning.

 Yesterday Dharbasana was running practically all the time. The ointment and a special kinesiological tape did help in the long run. Each year we learn something new which helps us go forward. The tape was bright pink and from afar his leg looked covered with paint. Unfortunately, his hopes for a quick recovery were dashed. The remission turned out to be of temporary nature.

From morning till 5.30pm we had another runner on the course. On his birthday Arpan has a tradition to run as many miles as his age. Today he ran 58 miles(93,3 km). He chose the 3,100 mile course for a reasonIn 2004, he did the 3,1000 mile race here. By the end of this humid but not really hot day, we had a thunderstorm with lots of rain. Most of the runners put on special rain-proof gear and went on running. However, some of them preferred to stay dry and waited for the storm to pass. Thunderstorms in New York area dont last longAfter 20 minutes it was drizzling.

Photos day 41

July 23, 2010

Day 41 – joke

July 23, 2010

Of courseits all about GalyaWho else?… This night he was determined to sleep in bed and not on a chair or in the bathroom. So, after taking the shower he made it to his bed… to only find himself sitting on the bed at 4.40am. Curtain!

Photos day 40

July 22, 2010
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