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July 14, Utpal: Meant To Be

July 14, 2015
 “It was my first year in the race in 2007.”  Grahak reaches across the handlebars of the bike he is riding and points down towards the Grand Central.  “I was going through a tough time and I remember thinking.  I am never doing this race again. This is just torture.  There is no way I am doing it again.  I can’t wait to finish and get it over and done with.”

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July 13, Utpal: The Soul Is Eternal

July 13, 2015
 “I am feeling pretty good. One of the nice things I guess about getting into the second half of the race is your body is more adjusted.  Also your mind starts to dissipate a little bit. There is still a long way to go.”

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July 12, Utpal: My Work Here Is Not Done

July 12, 2015

Archived – click Post Title to view all. From the very first day Yuri Trostenyuk started running the 3100 mile race 3 years ago he has been a passionate devotee of all its terrors, all its beauty, and of course how it transforms every part of his being. By using the best calculations that we have, it is possible to examine Yuri’s data as he starts day 29.  From the lap sheets we can see that he had a good day yesterday, with 65 miles.  His total at the end of day was 1913 miles.   With his current pace he is set to make a new personal best.  Last year this same time he had 1873 miles.  So now he is 40 miles ahead of that. But to listen as Yuri describes an experience that happened to him a few days ago and it is easy to see how unimportant crunching the  numbers really are to him. “Not long before I completed 1000 miles.  From daily pressure I started to have pain in my body.  Unpleasant and worrisome thoughts were occupying my mind.  I was tired of getting rid of them already.  It was just simply hard.  It was only getting harder and harder.” “I began to pray to God.  I said, God, please help me.  It is so hard for me right now and I won’t survive this.  Please support me, guide me, and show me the way.  Then, a few minutes after my prayer an inner world started to open up in front of me.  It was as though…

July 11, Utpal: Diamonds In My Life

July 11, 2015
In the morning I asked Stutisheel if he wanted to tell me some of his favorite experiences that he has had here at the 3100 mile race.

“I believe one lap will not be enough.  Over the years there have been many good stories.” Stutisheel and his family have lived and experienced a lot here at the race.  Coming nearly every year since 2004, only Ashprihanal has been here more times.  As I listen to some of his remarkable tales it is easy to see why it has so profoundly shaped and illumined his family and himself. “All the diamonds in my life I found here, on this half mile loop.” “I remember one time I was walking for three days.  Everything was okay, I didn’t have any blisters.  The problem was that I was so weak, and nobody could fix it.  By the end of day 3 I was pretty much depressed.  Many doubts started coming to my mind.”  Stutisheel was not certain what was the true source of his problem.  He felt he had some weakness that he could not transcend. On this very same day his daughter, Alakananda went to a function where his spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy was going to be there.  At the end of the evening Sri Chinmoy, as was his custom was handing out prasad to the children.  Instead of giving her one piece he gave Alakananda 2.  “This is for your father.” flower-stutisheelContinue 

July 10, Utpal: Every Day is

July 10, 2015
“I feel good.  I feel amazing, every day is better.”
Every year since 2008 Baladev Saraz, a 39 year old runner from Slovakia has spent his summer running around Thomas Edison High school in Queens New York.  For the past 26 days he has done exactly what he loves most. Putting on his shoes and heading around the block for 18 straight hours.  A different direction every day.  He would like to complete the 3100 miles that he and 10 other runners are all trying to achieve.  In front of him now is just 26 more days in which to do it.  No matter what the outcome may be,  he will love and cherish each step, each lap, and each day for as long as the race lasts.

Yesterday he ran around the block 100 times which when added to all the previous days makes 2857 times.  There is a part of him that would probably like to have done a few more.  But counting off the laps and miles is not what brings Baladev coming to Queens each summer for the last 8 years.

When asked whether the second half of the race gets tougher.  “I need a long time to warm up and to heal my injuries from the beginning.” “Every day I think, this is my best day.” “I am not just saying this, it is really true.” Baladev Read more

July 9, Utpal: Nothing is Impossible.

July 9, 2015
 “Of course I am happy to reach the half way point.  But on the other side, it is still a long way.  The second half is always easier.”

Other than a short period near the beginning of the race Surasa has been performing incredibly well. And to arrive so comfortably at the half way mark on the 26th day is a very good sign indeed.  “If your running is good you are just grateful that you can run.  Everything is easier.” At this moment we pass Nirbhasa who is going through a struggling phase. He agrees with her, “certainly, let me tell you.  It feels like you are dragging a bed behind you.” “It is so hard if you have no energy and cannot run.  You cannot compare.” Nirbhasa also had recently mentioned that he never knew it was possible to be so tired.  “Yes that is true.  When I had a bad stomach and some other things. I thought how can you be so tired, so exhausted, unimaginably. Normally you are just lying in bed when you are like this. You cannot go to work or do anything.” surasa-vasaviContinue

July 8, Utpal: Deep in my Heart

July 8, 2015
“Sometimes I have problems in my knee or maybe in my mind……mostly in my mind.” (laughs)
“I try to dive deep in my heart and take some happiness energy from it.  It helps me so much.”

Today is the 25th day of the race and from his results over the past 2 weeks Vasu has been finding all the energy and happiness that he needs.  Yesterday he ran his 3rd consecutive day of 70 plus mile. The 1660 miles he has run in the first 24 days of the race would take him from his home in St Petersburg to Omsk.  For a man so inspired to transcend himself he has a lot to be grateful for.  As of today he is 140 miles ahead of last years pace. Vasu is in 3rd place.  He is 79 miles behind Galya and 14 miles ahead of Yuri. Screen-Shot-2015-07-08-at-6.40.53-PM “I have gotten many  letters and my disciple friends have written aphorisms for me written by Sri Chinmoy.  Also I have received an article on concentration and meditation.  I have tried to use it and it helped me so much.” Vasu says that his meditations have been bringing him much, aspiration and energy. “After that I can easily run.” vasu-tunnel Continue

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