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Day 11

June 24, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Day 11 9.36 am Brief results report for 30 days Ashprihanal’s total for 10 days – 751 miles. That’s great! He definitely would be among prizewinners at the 10 days races as well as Petya and Grahak, who have already done 660 miles. Unlike in 10 days race this is only beginning for us – 1/5 part. You can see all results on appropriate page. I just want to say that all guys have done great job! My total is 574 miles, it’s 21 miles less than lest year, but it does not bother me. I feel perfectly well. Full speed ahead!!! 5.30 pm Continuation It’s the sixth day which goes quite well. I run a little more than 60 miles during all previous 5 days. It is good schedule for the first part of the distance. As I had learned from my last years’ experiences, my body needs five more days to be able enlarge loads without serious consequences. All these are ahead. Mood is calm and steady. I listen to my favorite music, answer emails while running. Now I have the schedule as follows: start is at 6 am, first break (for 15 min) is at 2 pm, the next break is at 6pm, and the last (for 10 min) is at 9 pm. Approximately at 11 pm or little after I finish 115 laps. My night sleep is not ideal. Because of my hips I wake up at night. Inspite of it, to my big surprise, at 5.10 am when my alarm-clock is ringing…

Day 11, gallery

June 24, 2009

Day 10

June 23, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. It’s a little after 8 am. The 10th day. The weather is cool and cloudy – the best conditions for running. As usual, we are at the race from early morning. To tell the truth, some of our colleagues manage to come late. Only Ashprihanal and I are brought here by car. All others get here themselves by bikes. That’s why they are not bound by time – they need only to come here on time. Several times Diganta, Pushkar and Volodya were late. We are heading off and they are just arriving. Volodya told a story. He runs till the end – up to midnight to do his daily stint of 111 laps and often doesn’t have enough sleep. Yesterday he woke up at 3 am and went to the toilet. Then he woke up in the kitchen on the stool at 4 am. The light was on. It took him some time to remember that he wanted to go to the toilet. “Oh, my God!” He looked around – everything is ok; he managed to go to the toilet. Purna-Samarpan generally walks – he has problems with feet. “Feet burn” because of the concrete surface of the ground. Pushkar has symptoms of last year – indigestion and troubles with his feet. He now he does fast walking. Pavol is stilling deal with shin splints. Shuprabha as usually is very light and runs steadily with a semi-smile on her face. Yesterday on the 9th day I did 115 laps….

Day 9, gallery

June 22, 2009

Video, day 8

June 21, 2009

We are pleased to draw your attention to the latest scientific and technical achievements of Finnish secret service how to improve your physical efficiency. Indeed, this is Ashprihanal, the leader of our race. His inimitable relaxed style of running came back to him. I remember the legendary Olympic champion Emil Z?topek who was criticized for his running style. Usually he answered that it is speed and not beauty that is of importance in sports.

Joke of the day 8

June 21, 2009

This is not the first day already that we watch how the little bird chases a squirrel. Looks like it’s always the same bird and the same squirrel. Birdie chases her on the roof, on the trees and on the grass. Probably they live close to each other. Pranjal says – they have some personal stuff going on :)

Day 8

June 21, 2009

The day was preety good. But still a rainy weather. 4 times there was a pouring rain… I have been running steadily and i’ll have 60 miles today. Now I will walk 5 more laps, no energy in legs. I ate something wrong again. I have my own signs how to figure out what caused the symptoms on my legs. Either I have to do stretching and everything will be ok, either it’s time to eat or take a break. Now it seems I have to eat normally. But even after the dinner it didn’t get better. I even took a second break earlier. And after the third break around 9 pm I got a feeling I cannot even walk. But that’s ok, tomorrow everything will be all right.

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