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Day 28

July 11, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 28th day, 12.28 pm Suprabha just completed the half of the distance – 1550 miles, faster then last year as well. Her running is surprisingly steady. And it means that the race really over passed its midpoint, because it will stop after Suprabha’s finish. In the beginning, when Sri Chinmoy founded the 3,100-mile race, there was a strict limit of 51 days, but then, when I began to participate, Sri Chinmoy let runners finish within 55,56, or 58 days. Now race directors are more rigid and have a secret limit, i.e. Suprabha’s finish. I mean the race is over when Shuprabha is done, and those who are late, so be it. Now Pavol and Purna Samarpan are behind Suprabha. Purna-Samarpan is suffering the full pleasure of his first race, his liver likes going on vacation, so toxins remain in his body and as a result – problems with his legs(they as flexible as a piece of wood), and with his spine. But he is still moving. Yesterday I had kind of a slow day – 58 miles. And actually today’s beginning of the day also was slow, I would say even hard. But then the wave came and it got easier. I began listening to my favorite books of Sri Chinmoy: The Tree of Life, Peace, and Opportunity. And it helped me a lot. I believe that gradually I’ll get back to my true speed. Kaushal was so inspired by our race, that he changed his ticket. To our great joy, he is…

Day 27, gallery

July 10, 2009

Day 26, gallery

July 9, 2009

Day 26

July 9, 2009

Today, I have done half of the distance. It was in the morning at 11 am. It took me 25 days and 5 hours to cover 1550 miles. It is about ten hours faster than last year. Given it was my best time at the 3,100-mile race. It means that the first part is done well.

Volodya is doing even better. He went past halfway yesterday. So, the flight is ok. I believe that I need a couple more days to maintain my cruising speed and then I’st going to be better and better. Today Pranab left for home. Everyone signed a card for him with our best regards. Alakananda made shots of every runner. His desire to run was so obvious. What can he do… Next year.

Day 25, Kaushal

July 8, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Day, 25, 6.30 pm A few laps before, I paid a visit to Kaushal and he told me the secret why at every race I have difficulties during a full moon period. The matter is that today is the second day of the full moon. Yesterday, I ran quite well and today in the morning everything started well, but then it was getting harder and harder to run. Even to smile was difficult. I can not say that this day is totally ruined, but I began to feel worse and was all the time waiting for the evening when Kaushal would come. While he was examining me that half an hour, I absolutely forgot that it is my 25th day on the course. I was just in Heaven. He is so great!

It took him 5 minutes to understand that I had problems with renal functions, which is coming from full moon. My mother had weak kidneys. For sure, every full moon on the race is the most difficult time for me. Kaushal said it was not a big problem and he knew how to solve it. Then I had an aromatherapy session and pointillage. I was getting better right when he was working. He quickly fixed me up with  homeopathy and something more. So, he has a lot of secrets, and it is clear that he is a highly skilled specialist. When I was leaving him I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, I was already feeling well. Although I…

Joke of the day 25

July 8, 2009

Jokes, day, 25 On the highway, one of the bus drivers beeped to me. The bus came closer to the sidewalk, the driver opened the doors and asked me: -Good morning! My name is Willis. And what is your name? – Stutisheel. – What is the race here? I showed him my T-shirt with the 3100 miles written on it. It seemed that his mind wasn’t getting it. – Why? It was the time for me to think a little. All I could to say was: – We are running for Harmony. He asked: – Who is the leader, the founder? – Sri Chinmoy. – Is he from India? – Yes, from India. – Well, then God bless! And he took off . Americans are very sociable people. One more story. Yesterday, Volodya wanted to visit Kaushal, but there was a quite a line to see him. Shuprabha was there twice. So, Volodya got to see him only by 9 pm. Kaushal is a really good doctor. He has a huge collection of Vedic medicine, aromatic oils and so on. After his half-hour rest at Kaushal’s we run with Volodya and I ask him: – How did you like it? What did he do with you? Volodya answered: – The impression is as though it had snowed. – Oh, dear! Snow in midsummer! Have you smoked something? – No, he just gave me something to sniff up. After this Voloday was running around like a scalded cat. Kaushal even went out to the course and said: Do not hurry, do not hurry! You’ve got to run for a long time!

Day 25

July 8, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Yesterday, I run another 65 miles. I was able to do more, but in the  afternoon I felt my left tendon starting to pull. It was because of deformation of my shoes. Now a pair of sneakers is finished in two days, and I start to feel pain in muscles, although sneakers are brand new – only soles are erased. Pranab tried to fix the problem with the glue rubber on the sole and mastered a new job. He uses the tires to fix the shoes. Now we are wearing Continental Super Sport tyres. It contains metallic fibers. It takes longer to erase it than to erase the original shoe. But nevertheless shoes lose its form. As most people, I step with a little inclination and all shoes in some time “warp”. So, yesterday it happened that the rubber was ok, but my shoe is out of its form, and I felt discomfort with my leg. I felt the familiar signs that it was high time I had changed running shoes, but then I decided to wait a little bit, as I wanted to save money. I changed them in the evening at 5-6 pm, and gradually it was getting more painful to walk. Still I was able to run, but to walk (to make a turn and so on) was very painful. I had to pirouette: to stop, to turn square angle and only after that to go on. But cabbage-therapy during the night and some other things made…

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