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Day 37, gallery

July 20, 2009

Happy birthday, Peto!

Day 36

July 19, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 36th day. It is a quarter past 5pm. The weather is wonderful, the flight is wonderful. I’m confident enough, but I have some problems with waking up in the morning. Somehow it hasn’t been like that before. And it takes me some time to open my eyes and get up after a break. The alarm-clock rings in some other galaxy. Or I find myself in a different galaxy when it is time to return back. Maybe it’ll pass. Although 36 days is not a piece of cake. Yesterday, I did not do as many miles as usual, 61. In the morning I was slower, because I had eaten something wrong in the evening the day before. So I decided to take it easy today. But 61 miles is not bad at all. Volodya Balatskyi set a new record today. He is a very talented runner, besides he has talents in other fields. He overslept and was late for the start. So he started at 6:54. It is 14 min earlier than Ananda Lahari’s record two years ago. Volodya is running fine now. I guess it won’t affect his mileage dramatically. Just a little bit, but what can he do? In the morning, while Parvati’s group was singing their songs, Grahak and myself performed an impromptu skit. I pretended to be a dog which is very natural for me. I was wearing socks on my ears (like dog’s ears) and a tail made of toilet paper tied in bow on my back. Grahak said, “Stutisheel…

Day 35, gallery

July 18, 2009

Day 34

July 17, 2009

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 34th day. 6.40 pm. Today I have received some letters which made me think. O, my God, what is happening here? People have been running for more than a month, are not dying, stay happy and look better and better. Indeed, what is going on here? How is it possible to run so long – more than 100 km every day? I have told about it before. Maybe after the race I will share the bewilderment of the people who do not run 3100 and will also think that it is a fantastic, unreal thing to do and totally beyond human capacity. But now, thank God, I am running. I am in the state of flow, and everything seems to be very natural and very easy. I would like to reveal something: when your mind really calms down and takes a backseat, the spiritual heart and the soul get unhindered access to manifest their power through the physical body. In our case, it is through legs. And really from inside it comes naturally, without efforts. When you have a fine day, everything seems quite usual. My 65 miles (106 km) a day are a regular ability. Five hours or less of sleep is enough for restoring and it is quite regular things. Several breaks for 15 minutes are enough to get rest. Then in your usual life you are puzzled – what is possible to be do in 15 minutes? As it happens, you can do very many things. For example, to…

Joke of the day 33

July 16, 2009

Shtirlits was walking along the forest. Somebody was pecking the wood. “Woodpecker”, thought Shtirlits. “You yourself are a woodpecker”, thought Borman.

Day 33

July 16, 2009

33d day. It is 1.30 pm. A few laps before I have done 2000 miles. 32days+7hours. It seems like 5 hours faster then first thousand this year. I found that I was 17miles ahead of my last year schedule. It means that everything is going well. Volodya and I are running together now. In the morning he caught up with me and since then half of this day we’ve been running together. This morning was, let me say, sleepy, like somebody “pressed us down”. We were joking that we had a sleepy time while running. Volodya even had to drink some coffee and I remembered about an herbal pill that Pranab had given me a year ago right for cases like that. Anyway, we got some boost. Then we burst out laughing at a joke about woodpecker, and everything was back in its place. Our speed now is pretty much ok.

As it turned out, we were 1 lap slower, then yesterday, when I had 66 miles, Volodya had his traditional 67 miles. It means that everything is fine, the flight is normal. One more thing is worth mentioning. Volodya did his first 2000 miles yesterday, and not too much is still left. Volodya is smiling now. Anecdote of the day: Shtirlits was walking along the forest. Somebody was pecking the wood. “Woodpecker”, thought Shtirlits. “You yourself are a woodpecker”, thought Borman.

Dipali Cunningham interviewed by Stutisheel

July 16, 2009

On 24-th day of the race while running Stutisheel is interviewing Dipali – 6 day race World Champion.  

  Click to listern the interview

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