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Day 48

July 31, 2009

48th day, 11 am I passed the 3000-mile point about 40 min. ago. It means I am running the final straight. The finish is tomorrow! On the first of August which is the 49th day! Volodya will finish tomorrow morning around 8.30 am, then around noon is Pranjal’s turn. Then me around 5pm. So everything is going very well. I am in a confident and calm mood. Today we were blessed by the rain. But we got so used to it that it doesn’t matter whether your snickers are wet or not, whether your T-shirt is wet or not, you just run. Supraba keeps going ahead. She runs according to her schedule. At 6 am she starts together with us. Then in the evening around 8-9 pm she gets a ride home. She does fewer miles than before, but she looks quite fresh and moves ahead confidently. Yesterday night and today morning I had a feeling that the race is done for me. As if in the inner world everything had already happened. What is needed to be done outwardly to get the 3100 point is to just perm my legs. But it looks like everything is already done. Greetings to all! TOMORROW!!!

Petr’s Finish 45 days + 3:44:21

July 29, 2009

Joke of the day 46

July 29, 2009

Funny stories. There is one “swami” here (we call him so) doing his everyday jogging. He always wears an orange T-shirt and orange shorts. He tries to compete with us! It is not normal. He runs in the same direction and he tries to leave us behind. Then another person came and began to compete too. So, I had to put things in their proper order. This “pedagogical” lap I ran for 4.32. My usual time for one lap is 7.30. They do not realize that we are already trained very well. Our training has lasted for 46 days from morning and till night. So they should not mess with us. It is dangerous :-))))

Day 46

July 29, 2009

46th day, 7.40am In a few hours Petya is going to finish, and he is improving his time by three and a half days. Yesterday, when Grahak finished the race, he set a new Australian record; besides, he set his personal record which was two day better then his previous one. Grahak became number three in rating of the 3100 miles race. Madhupran, Ashprihanal and then Grahak. Super! Just super! Taking into account that it is his third race and he did not have any experience of multiday races before this 3100. This morning we all were surprised. We saw Suprabha again at the starting line. Perhaps she was overwhelmed with emotions being at the celebration of the Grahak finish yesterday. It is a very special feeling when somebody finishes. So, she is running today. Not so fast, but she is running. So, never say “never”! Yesterday I had a good day. One more time 69 miles. Of course, by evening my legs are no so light like it was a month ago. I have to work hard. And even very hard. But when at the last moment you do one more lap, you are just overwhelmed with satisfaction which comes from self-transcendence. It is just a flight. Just super! Yesterday I went to bed at quarter to twelve, but a few more days left. So, it’s OK.

Grahak’s Finish 44 days+09:08:58

July 29, 2009

Day 45 Interview with Grahak

July 29, 2009

A few laps before Grahak’s finish, Stutisheel is talking to him Click here to listern interview

Day 45, gallery

July 28, 2009
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