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Our Victory, Utpal

Augu 4, 2013

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July 31: Your Soul History, Utpal

Augu 3, 2013

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Day 45, results

July 30, 2013

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Live Inside Your Heart, by Utpal

July 30, 2013
July 28

“It is such a long race, but whey you are nearing the finish you start to savor every moment because you know it is coming to an end.”  After 42 days of running Sarah has completed 2100 miles.  Certainly not the kind of distance she had hoped for at the beginning, now so many weeks ago, and yet she has run for more days and for a longer distance than she has ever done before. For quite a long time now the big, 3100 mile finish line just drew further and further away from her ability to reach it.(This time)  Many other athletes when faced with this discouraging scenario would have simply opted out.  Packed their bags and headed off instead to warm showers and soft beds. read all sarah3

The Divine Journey Never Ends, Utpal

July 29, 2013

“Today I am feeling a little bit tired.  But it is okay.”  If you ever want to take a real look at somebody with a calm and steady mood and temperament than try and spend sometime with Surasa.  And yes add to those qualities as well her extraordinary ability to remain cheerful and positive when confronting a monumental physical, mental, and emotional challenge.  One that most of us would never even consider little alone attempt even once in our lifetimes.  Surasa has taken on one of those mythical but very real battles not just once,  but now this 55 year old champion from Vienna is enduring it once again for the 3rd time. “I have some blisters, yaaah, my dear friends.  But they are not so bad.  But I think I didn’t sleep enough.” surasagoodRead all

Day 44, results

July 29, 2013



Perfection Runner, by Utpal

July 28, 2013
July 27
“It is a funny thing.  A couple of races ago I was observing all the different qualities that the runners represent.  If we combine all those qualities we get a perfect runner, with all the divine qualities that we need in the spiritual life.”  As Sarvagata tells me this it is still the very early hours of an almost perfect day.  There is a fresh breeze drifting coolly across the course from the West.  The sun is rising up full and bright and promising, that at least for today, it will not burn and abuse the 12 runners who have lived under its hot gaze for so many days.

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