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Day 25, results

July 10, 2013


Patience is Running, by Utpal

July 10, 2013
July 8
I try to enjoy each moment. I really try to appreciate where I am, what I am doing. I’m not in a hurry because I cannot land early. So, time is not so much an issue, so important — it’s more the way to get to the destination, which is very interesting.”  In the very early hours of Sunday morning here in New York a solar powered plane landed at JFK airport. It had left Washington a little over 18 hours earlier.
The Solar Impulse had first begun its historic flight across continental America back on May 3.  It’s 2 Swiss pilots took turns commanding the aircraft on its multiple hops across the country.  The total distance was 5649 km (3,510 miles)  and took 105 hours of flying time to accomplish the new record. “There are no limits. The only limit is the pilot.” Solar Impulse pilot André Borschberg Read more solar-impulse-final-approach

Doing The Same Miracles, by Utpal

July 8, 2013


“It is one of my favorite places to run.” As Suprabha says this, the dawn is greeting us with an incredible gentle glow.  The 12 runners have already just set off and she has obliged me this morning to do a lap of the course with me.  Of course she doesn’t get to New York that often as she lives in the DC area.  So one can naturally assume that she doesn’t get to run here that often.  At least not now. But it wasn’t that many years ago in which this was not just her favorite place to run but in many ways the very epicenter of her life’s journey.  13 summers she spent circling this block and when I dare to even comprehend just how many laps and miles she ran here my mind shuts down.  Latter using a small calculator, it spat out a gigantic trail of numbers.  As I look at her lightly jogging along now, it all just seemed so unbelievable.  How was it possible that this petite little woman could have run so many miles here. (40,300) Read all suprabha3

Day 23, Pranjal

July 8, 2013

Day 23, results

July 8, 2013


Saints of the Road, Utpal

July 6, 2013

They are all saints of the road.  Can you not believe it?  I will tell you a secret, even sometimes they do not believe it to be true. How is it possible to have 12 saints in one place, doing this one same thing, when the rest of the world sometimes seems empty of saints? wide-ashprihanal Read all

Closer to God, Utpal

July 5, 2013

“We have to come out of our comfort zone.  When we do that we call it austerity.  What it does is moves us closer to God.  The goal of life is God realization and we have to constantly think like that.  We have to have God realization in this lifetime.”  Swami Paramesha Ananda used to be a familiar site in the early morning hours here on the course.   swami9 Read all  

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