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Running is a Transformation Process

July 21, 2010
Utpal’s blog from July 3, 2010
“It is the one great school on how to be surrendered.”  For the past week Pranab has been a visitor to the race.  He has come from his home in Slovakia to support his friends, and at least for a brief while, be a part of the thing that has meant so much to him.  He has completed this race on 4 occasions and at each race he found ways to self-transcend.  Both by bettering his times each time and also growing as a spiritual person as well. Read more

Not Giving Up

July 20, 2010
Utpal’s blog from June 29, 2010
She has been to the race many times before.  Today however Niharika is returning to her home in Finland.  She is here this morning cheering for fellow Finn, Asprihanal and of course all the other runners.  She is smiling and calling out to them as they pass by but it is clear that she looks just a little bit sad, because soon she will have to leave to catch her flight. Read more

Day 38

July 20, 2010
Right after the 6 am start, while walking, all the runners sang a Happy Birthday song for Atmavir. It must be very special to have a birthday at the 3100 mile race. We gave him a T-shirt with Sri Chinmoy’s drawings of soul-birds. Everybody was wearing green party hats :) Atmavir is having a good day. We are expecting a birthday cake later in the day, too. Dharbasana has been struggling with hamstring problems and is reduced to walking. He’s tried every possible remedy and massage but nothing seems to help… Although he says it’s not getting worse. As we say here at the race, “The race gives problems, the race takes them back”. As usual, the Enthusiasm  singers come to the race every morning at 6.40am. It’s a group of girl singers who perform exclusively English songs by Sri Chinmoy. They are my favorite group performing at the race. Today I was sitting behind them and felt breathtaking beauty of those melodies and songs. Their morning performance is the most soulful part of the day. It reminds us of the times when Sri Chinmoy visited the race. Tomorrow we have another birthday boy. On the 39th day of the race Galya Balatsky is turning 39.

3100 Miles Around This Block

July 19, 2010

Utpal’s blog from June 28, 2010 The runners have barely even stumbled and staggered through the first lap of the day and already most are sweating.  Not just a moist sheen on the brow kind of perspiration.  Instead visualize the sticky clammy free flow of moisture bursting out from within kind.   The molecular geyser sort that gushes out out onto the surface of one’s body, in order to do the only thing nature has shown it what to do, in order to try and keep us cool. The crazy thing is, that it is not even really very hot, at least not yet anyway. Read more

Day 36

July 18, 2010

4:20pm.  I am at the race counting laps. It’s 36C in the shade. At midnight yesterday it was 28C. It’s been an extreme summer. Asprihanal has bounced back and is leading the race again. He is in a fabulous mood, his confidence is back and it couldn’t but tell on his speed. Looks like he is being immune to the heat.The same is true for Pranjal and GalyaThe gap between the two is closingI always find it unbelievable: the runners have covered 2,300 miles and the gap between them is just a couple of miles! Dharbasana has got problems with a ham string and he has to switch into a walking mode. Baladev has been walking the whole day, too. Purna Samarpan is getting close to the mark of 1,884 miles which was his total mileage in 41 days of the race last year. My knee is slowly but steadily getting better. I even can walk in a certain postureIt turned out I had problems not only with ligaments. It’s a bunch of other issues I need to tend to.

Humor on Day 35

July 17, 2010

I asked Galya at what time he had gone to sleep the previous night.

He said: “Shortly after 2am. I ran until 11:53pm (68,6 miles) and reached home at 00:15. I was hungry as usualFixed some sandwiches and a hot cereal. Then I took a shower and sat down… Guess at what time I became conscious again? Around 2 a.m. :) And realized that while doing the last laps I was thinking of coconut ice cream. So I decided to acton my cravings.  I had some ice cream and went to bed only at 2.30am. Thank God I made it to the start on time. So no regrets about the ice cream thing.

Day 33

July 15, 2010

1:20 amGalya  Balatskyy from the Ukraine led the day with 69.14 miles yesterday. For several days in a row he’s stayed at the course until midnight. He’s already in the finishing mode where shifts in top gear. However, he and Purna-Samarpan didn’t show up at the start at 6am and started at 6:04am. Galya is complaining that since my drop-out nobody has been reading him jokes and anecdotes :) Pushkar has just crossed the 2,000 mile split. Dharbasana is expected to do that tomorrowAsprihanal has finally bouncedbackMoreover, his brother is coming to help him. The race has successfully made it to mid-summer.

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