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Day 20

July 2, 2010

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Day 20, 8.56 pm local time. Today is an extraordinary day meaning that I am mostly walking. I ran a few laps in the morning until my left foot called a strike. My Achilles tendon was tightened, knees and muscles were sore. I started with a jog trot, but had to give it up. So, I’ve been working since early morning. I have no idea what it might be. Maybe it has to do with the shoes. I felt some pressure around my knees for the last the few day but it was quite bearable. This morning it really started to hurt. Vajra massaged my legs, but it didn’t help. Our chiropractor Gaurish worked on my knees – to no avail. I applied olive oil, put cabbage leaves and bandaged my knees. Hopefully I’ll be able to run tomorrow. It was a good day-off for my body though. What can one do? There are good days and bad days. But the goal is always there and it’s beckoning us. As soon as I started walking, I felt such concern and care from all the runners and helpers. Everybody tried to be helpful. It’s so touching. We are one big family here. That’s what I like about the race most of all. The others are doing fine. It’s no so hot. Dharbasana has adjusted to the race and has been running consistently. Also, Purna-Samarpan has been doing his 111 lap norm for a few consecutive days. He is moving forward very…

Learn to live in the heart

July 2, 2010

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The day dawned warm and sticky on this Fathers day in New York.  For many years it has always been a special day, in which Sri Chinmoy was honored by his students here in Queens and also all around the world, wherever his students gathered.  Since his passing the tradition has continued and events are taking place throughout the day. As the runners arrive this morning they can be heard to spontaneously call out “Happy Fathers Day,” to one another.  There is a lightness and joy in the spirit at the race this morning that is not matched by the heavy thick stillness of the air. Countless people have been inspired by Sri Chinmoy over the years and many continue to feel a deep inner connection with him.  He asked little of people and yet gave so much.  How one related to him was up to the individual.  It was easy for many to feel a hearts closeness with him.  He could be a dear friend, or older brother, but for most of us, whose connection was soulfully deep, it was unquestionable but to look upon him as a Spiritual father. This race of course was his creation, and all who are part and parcel of it know that he saw it as a powerful way to express his vision of Self-Transcendence. His continued presence and influence here is unmistakable. He no longer drives his little red car around the course each day but in your heart you can…

Day 19

July 1, 2010

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The nineteenth day of the race. 5.23pm local time. The weather has been indulging these days: it’s only moderately hot, even cool and a little windy. However, the runners are having different paces. Petya has recovered and is hopping like a rabbit. Balatsky had stomach problems yesterday, but did manage to do a daily minimum. Today he is faster. I am running more slowly, but still I am running. Today Cathy Oerter, the wife of a four time Olympic Champion in the discus throw Al Oerter visited us. She’d been here a few days ago, but then she had the status of a VIP guest, all dressed up and unapproachable. Sri Chinmoy had a huge respect for her husband, and they were good friends. Today we saw her in her running shoes and she ran a few laps with us. One would never guess she is 57. She is in perfect shape. It turned out that she herself is an Olympian. In 1976, she took part in the Olympics (sprint and long jump). She is very outgoing and open. She has a very flexible mind. We talked a lot about staying connected with nature, about universal oneness and how time flows at such races. It looks as though she was deeply impressed and touched by the race. In the end she said that she had never seen a more Earth-transforming project and event. We were also enriched by her story of the life philosophy of this…

Self-giving journey

June 30, 2010

It is self evident that there are some things in this world of ours which we judge to be eternal.  They may be man made monuments forged from the sturdy elements of the earth, and it also might be the grand inspiring works of nature itself.  Most often we connect to them spontaneously and deeply.  We need make no mental note or comment, for they touch us from within, and immediately remind us that on the scale of eternity our lives and accomplishments, will unlikely be long remembered in any way whatsoever. Read more…

Day 17

June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s the 17th day, 9 p.m. Today’s weather wasn’t very hot, partly cloudy, 27-28 degrees Celsius, but nevertheless Slovak and Czech runners expressed solidarity. It was for sure a tough day for them all. Petya, Ananda-Lahari, Pavel have been walking almost all day long. Pranjal has run slower too, but he is not the guy who will be made to walk easily. He will grind his teeth rather than not running. Petya says that he ‘was boiled’ a few days ago when it was hot, and still hasn’t recovered fully. Now he feels weak. 3,100 miles is an extreme race. It is important not to defeat others but to accept everything that happens and to be on the right side of the hedge. Sometimes you need real humility not to feel down when you cannot manage to run as you want. At the same time Dharbasana has been running today like a sprinter, he is running to his cherished wish which is the first thousand miles. Most probably, he will make it there today.

My speed is not slower than yesterday. All the runners are moving quite steadily. It is evening now. People are heading home, and my favorite time of the day starts. There is a silent and calm atmosphere: a yellow lantern glow, beautiful stars, and a clear sky.

Life is wonderful!

A new goal

June 29, 2010

If we lived in a world which was inhabited by Super heroes than what goes on here around a small block in Queens might be appear quite ordinary, if not darn right monotonous. That last time I looked up in the sky however I saw plenty of birds and planes but not one caped crusader streaking across the skies. The 11 runners here are not fighting crime, bending steel with their bare hands, but yet they are doing something seemingly impossible nonetheless… Read more…

A fashion haircut on 3100

June 28, 2010

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